April 27, 2012

Brandon Turns 5!

Birthday cake made with love by Grandma + a fun party with friends at the Discovery Playhouse = a special birthday for a wonderful boy.

January 5, 2012

Merry Memories

Overall we had a very good Christmas. It was quiet and relaxing.
Brandon playing with his hot wheels road he got.

Anson was pretty excited about getting two new DS games.

Cameron it always happy when he gets Lego.

The centerpiece that Anson made at school.

The ornament that Cameron received from his teacher.

Brandon coloring a picture to send to his Grandma Peters.

The Nativity that Cameron set up. Doug's Grandpa made the wooden figurines, and Cameron built the barn using his own blocks.

It's our yearly tradition to make a gingerbread house. Anson was a little bored of it this year, so lets see how many more years we'll be doing this.

My perfectionist husband had to do it just right, but the boys did some of it just right imperfectly too.

The Christmas Tree

The finished product. At first it had ribbon, but then that got messed up so I redecorated it.

Doug was helping from the sidelines.

I let the boys go at it. It was a joy to watch them having fun, and they got along which is always a blessing.

August 16, 2011

Our Summer Vacation

This summer one of my dreams came true. We were able to travel to Ontario and stay for an extended period of time. While we were there we got to see all of our family members from there except my one niece. We also did fun stuff, like go to Niagara Falls and on the way we stopped at the Mall of America where the main attraction were Lego land and the amusement park.
Enjoying the spectacular falls. My Mom was able to come with us. She has lived in Ontario for 24 years and this was her first time to the falls.

Lego land with some pretty amazing creations.During the last week of our time out there, we helped my Mom pack up all her stuff onto a 52 foot trailer. At that point she had not found a different house yet. It was neat to see how God was working in her life during that time. I also believe that it was God's timing that we were out there to help.

While I was out there enjoying my time with my family, I was hoping that we could move out there to be closer to them. Then I came to the realization that God has us in Saskatchewan for the time being. I do find contentment in that. Although sometimes I still get lonely for my family.

May 1, 2011

Spring has Sprung

We have really enjoyed being outside lately now that the weather is finally nice. Easter was a little later this year, so we were able to have our egg hunt out in the backyard. This year I wrote little messages on the eggs with marker like, "He is Risen"
Brandon showing off his find.

Uncle Rhys came and played with the boys one evening so Doug and I could go on a date. We had a great time. I think that was our first date since our Mexico trip, so it was much needed.

Boys will be boys. They can't just ride in the cars, they have to crash them.

I can not get a normal picture of Cameron, he always has to act silly. Oh well, it is part of his fun personality.

April 15, 2011

Birthday Boy.

I had to work on the day of Brandon's birthday, but I was able to to got out for lunch with him, Grandma, and Auntie Janelle. After supper we went and played at a playground. The first one we went to had to many puddles so we went to the one at CPES. It was also not the driest but better than the first one. It was also kind of cool that day, but Brandon still had fun. We celebrated Brandon's birthday on the weekend with two parties.
This picture is blurry, but I had to post it because Calliegh and Brandon get along great, but they also fight like brother and sister. Brandon was frustrated that Calliegh helped him blow out the candles. Maybe I should remind him how many times he has done that to his brothers.
Anson hanging out with Libby during the gift opening. Anson was bored because there wasn't anyone his age to play with. I had to remind him repeatedly that it was Brandon's day. (And no, Anson doesn't smile for pictures...I hope that it's just a stage)
Opening a gift from his friends that go to the same sitter as him.
Gift from Liam.
I had some organized games and activities for the kids, but they also just played nicely with the toys. It didn't get crazy until right before the parents came.

This year was the first year that we had a family party as well as a friend party. I'm not sure it was a good idea to do them both on the same day, because I was tired by the end of the day. Also we had the three families of the party kids join us after the party for supper, but by that time the kids were wild and the noise was overwhelming. It still was nothing compared to family gatherings on my side, but I felt bad for the guests who aren't use to that level of activity and noise.

Brandon cuddling with Cruze. Usually Cruze gets pretty tight squeezes. I'm not sure why he still goes near Brandon.

It is hard to believe that Brandon is four already. He still very much likes to cuddle with me. But I can tell that he is growing up because now he cares if he wins or loses at a game.

February 20, 2011

Mexico Part two - The Food.

I just love Mexican food. Maybe because I grew up eating Mexican and Mennonite food. The first time I had a burger was when we were moving from Mexico to Texas. We stopped at a McDonald's, I could not finish my burger. I thought it was disgusting.

At our resort there were four different restaurants. For breakfast there was a buffet and an area where you could get them to make you bacon, eggs, omelets, or pancakes. For lunch we usually ate a the beach hut. We could get burger and fries, but there was also fried fish, re fried beans and more. For supper we could go to a restaurant and order from a menu, or some nights they had themed meals. One night we ate out on the beach. Another night was Mexican night. The variety of food they served was amazing.
This picture was taken the night we ate out on the beach.
Guests staying at our resort received a coupon to go to a fancy restaurant for one meal. Above is the dessert we got there.

The pork I ordered at the restaurant was delicious. On top was a peanut sauce that tasted kind of like peanut butter. It was interesting, but good.

We ate outside. It was a beautiful evening...very romantic.

The restaurant.
I would definitely go all inclusive again. It was so nice not to have to think about meals planning.

The food at the botanical gardens we went to. It was awesome. Served with fresh tortillas of course.

One evening we took an hour long boat ride to this island for dinner and a show. The show was good, although the storyline was confusing, and the food was once again delicious.

Eating on the beach without a care in the world. What a great way to spend time together for our tenth anniversary.